What's a good 30 inch monitor ? Need 2500x1400 rez

I am looking to purchase a 30" monitor for my computer. It will be used primarily for work (involves some graphics and lots of open windows /apps).

I currently run a 3 monitor setup: 1 24" samsung with 2 20" samsungs on either side.

The new 30" monitor will replace the 24" (or maybe one of the 20s), I want to continue using 3 monitors.

I will be using the monitor in low light conditions for the most part - I use it 90% at night and only have enough light coming from 2 40w bulbs in the fan.
I currently run contrast at 5, brightness at 5 on Samsung 2443bwx lcd.
I use the computer for 4-5 hours continuously at night with low light...therefore, very low brightness/contrast is a must.

So, here are my requirements:

1. Must have greater resolution than my 24" - 1920x1200 (I'm finding that this is not enough real estate for my needs) -- So, 2500x1400 ?

2. Must be able to run at very very low brightness/contrast setting

3. OPTION: Display Port input -- this is a big big plus, since I have an ATI HD 5770 and only way to run 3 lcd's is to make use of the DP.

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  3. Thanks Jaguas

    I just placed the order for that U3011.. it was $1,500, but got a 25% discount :)
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