Phenom II X4 980 on Socket AM2+?

Hey guys,

at the moment I have an AMD Phenom II X4 955 on an Asus M3N78-EM (i.e. socket AM2+).

For some reason (cause a friends needs my old CPU, let's just leave it at that) I want to buy a new processor. The Asus Homepage ( ) states that a Phenom II X4 970 should work fine, but there is, of course, also this very tempting new Phenom II X4 980.

So, my questions.

Q1: Is there any reason why the 980 wouldn't work on my board? Or will it (maybe) work fine, and it's not on the Asus compatibility list, because it was not updated yet?

Q2: Do you know if there is another X4 coming out soon? Or anything else (faster than the 980) that will fit on my board? Would be nice to have the best possible CPU for this board, so I would never have to open my Thermaltake LANBOX again. :)

Thanks in advance, I appreciate your help!

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  1. If it is in the test report that it will work go for it, if it is not then you risk it not working no matter what anyone here tells you. Always listin to Asus.
  2. am2+ is ddr2, 980 is ddr3 so there lies a issue.
  3. Huh, what test report are you talking about?

    Well, yeah, AM2+ "is" DDR2, but the Phenom II usually works with both. My 955 works in my current system on an AM2+ with DDR2, but would also fit on an AM3 with DDR3 (but changing the board is not an option as I lost enough blood already fitting the M3N78 into the Lanbox :P)
  4. I think it is unwise to pay 189$ for a 980 phenom, better off with a 955 or 965 for less money, amd right now is still outdated tech even the 980.
  5. Well, both lists only go as far the 970 (like I said). They don't mention the 980.

    But in any case, I get what you're saying. I'll probably keep my 955 (and OC when necessary). Since the prices are dropping, I'll tell my friend to buy a new 955 for himself (atm, for €86 = $124), and everybody is happy.

    Thanks for the info and the comments!

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