Will the gtx 460 support my p5kpl-am in mother board

my mother-board is the p5kpl-am-in (ddr2)

and i need to know weather the gtx 460 will support it !(gddr5)

specs -- core 2 duo 2.8
2x1 ddr2 800 ram
intel p5kpl am in motherboard
160 sata motherboard
450w powr supply
20' samsung swplus lcd monitor
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  1. Are you going to be putting the Mobo onto this card or the card onto this mobo?
    Yeah, the board will support the card, but the processor is going to bottleneck it on this board.....
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    The type of system memory has nothing to do with memory on the video card.
    The GTX 460 will work just fine.
  3. thnx 4 the info....but what about the psu ?
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