Athlon vs Sempron

Which one is a higher processor: Athlon or Sempron?
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  1. Athlon HANDS DOWN. Athlon is a Quad-Core, a Sempron is a wee-little Single-Core. :P

    'nough said.
  2. Without knowing what Sempron or Athlon it is hard to say. But out of the same generations the Athlon is the better chip than the Sempron. Then again a new generation Sempron is better than many older generation Athlons!
  3. Just to clarify Athlons have been around a long time and used to be as low as around 600MHz single core and are still sold new in 2, 3 & 4 core versions while the old single core ones are history. Semperons that are still sold are single core versions of new athlons so are like between half and a quarter of an Athlon. Though a new Semperon chip is better than an old single core Athlon.
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