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my brother needs a better graphics card for his computer so imma give him my hd 5770 ... can anybody reommend me a new gpu ? I have a 500 w psu and core 2 quad q9550 with 4gigs of ddr2 ram ~ i game at 1920 x 1080
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  1. What brand and model PSU? Budget for video card?
  2. PSU brand : OCZ
    budget is around 200 bucks to 300 ~
  3. OCZ is a pretty decent brand. Maybe an hd 6870, this one is $205 after rebate


    Anything better will probably require a power supply upgrade. If it were a corsair or seasonic 500w power supply, than you could run a 6950 with no problem.
  4. i think ill upgrade my psu ~ what would you recommend ?
  5. Anything from Corsair, Seasonic, XFX. If you go with a powerful video card like the 6970 or GTX 570 get a 650w.
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