What would happen if the FSBs dont match... Notebook CPU upgrade =)

Hey guys I have an interesting query

My G1S with a PM965 chipset can run socket P CPUs with the most recent bios update,

My question is what would happen if i used a T9400 which has a 1000 FSB in my PM965 800 FSB chipset? would there just be a drop in power?? Would it become self aware and attempt global domination?

Also would it run cooler than the T7500 i have atm?

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  1. If it works it would run 20% slower making the upgrade void.
  2. Mmmm i thought as much, would the resulting performance be greater than, equal to or less than my current T7500?

    I think the T9xxx Penryn series run considerably cooler than the T7xxx Merom series so im still considering it...
  3. Anyone???
  4. I wouldnt do it
    You could go into power management and decrease the max processor frequency by
    just a little bit (90-95% setting)
    by not letting it go all out to %100 percent you wouldnt lose any noticeable
    performance and would drop temps
  5. Mmm cool idea king smp, i'm tempted to do it just out of curiosity... Will keep you posted =D
    Also, what program would you recommend for testing CPU processing power?

    Ill compare my stock T7500 against the stock T9500, then tinker around and see what i can do with the T9500.
    I think ill also check temps of gpu and cpu under load as its for a laptop which shares one heat sink for both CPU and GPU.
  6. Cinebench 11.5 is a good benchmark
    also Performance Test V7 from Passmark is a good all around test
    and so is Sisandra
  7. Great, ill keep you posted mate!
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