PC doesn't boot after installing Asus Matrix 5870.

Hello everyone.

I have a situation and I was hoping you could help me with it or at least push me in the right direction.

I have upgraded from a 9600 gt graphic card to an Asus Matrix 5870 (quite the change, I know). However after installing the new graphic card, when I power the pc and press the "On" button I can hear the fans going off (also from the gpu) the lights go on and there is an annoying whistle / screech which keeps on going. I believe the annoying sound is coming from either the GPU or the motherboard, it is not coming from the cpu or the psu unit. Furthermore the pc doesn't boot or anything. Neither is there any picture.

I know the wattage of my PSU might be on the low side but I would imagine it should start up at least and run in idle? Maybe I am mistaken.

Here are my specs;

MSI P7N Sli Platinum
Q9450 processor running @ the standard 2.66 GHz.
2 x 2 gb Corsair 1066 memory running at 800 mhz.
530 watt power supply from Tagan.
Windows 7 64 bit OS.

The cable coming for the power supply is a 6 pins connector, this goes through a (included with the 5870) converter and then into one of the two 8 pins connectors of the gpu. Meaning one of the two slots are open on the gpu. I have no idea if this is bad.

Any help is most definitely welcome.
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  1. " Meaning one of the two slots are open on the gpu"

    Well, heck, there's your problem right there... The card requires power on both connectors to work.
  2. The HD 5870 must draw power from three sources:

    1. The PCI-e slot itself
    2. The 6-pin connector #1
    3. The 6-pin connector #2
  3. Good point guys. I'm glad I found something :D.

    Problem is I only have 1, 6 pin connector running from my PSU. However, I do see one more slot open in the psu. So I should get another cable, plug it in and see what happens huh?

    What are the chances it would run under with the current psu? Any estimates?

  4. Nevr heard of the brand before, so I'm not sure about the quality. You can make a second 6-pin connector by getting a molex to 6pin converter and then using two of the 4pin molex connectors to make up another 6-pin. It's very straightforward, provided you still have spare molexes.
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