Verizon DSL modem won't connect with Linksys 54g router

Please I need some help I have spent two days surfing the web on my phone trying to find the answer and trying every how to I can find.

I have a dsl modem with a PPPoe setting and I have tried to connect the router to it, Verizon has told me that my log in to there website for my account is the same as the PPPoe log in but this has done nothing for me. I can't not get Internet wired or wirelessly from the router only straight from the modem. It worked just fine earlier this week but I got a new Netbook and it wouldn't find the router so by my dumb mistake I reset the Router and now none of my computers, xbox or wii can connect to the net via the router.

To add to my headaches everyone I set a WEP encryption my router kicks me off it wirelessly a d I can't get into it and have to reset the router. My vsita network thing says my computer is not configured to work with the network. I have an online college class and have homework due this weekend if I do t fix this I'm Boned

Please help, thanks if you can help

I have tried every how to I have found online via my phone and power resets and and reset buttons have done nothing for me :-(
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  1. You might try this:

    disconnect the modem from the router. Connect a PC via network cable to the router and reboot the router. login to the router, set the WAN side to PPoP and enter your account info, and change the LAN IP to

    Connect your modem to the router and reboot both. first modem then router.

    see if you can connect with the attached PC.
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