Best case for my PC?

Hey everyone, I'm building a pretty kickass gaming system at the moment, and I need a really good air cooling case for it, mainly to keep my 2x and possibly 3x SLI video cards cooled. I wouldn't like to spend anything more than $300 on it. So far, I'm between these 2:
1- Antec 1200

2- Silverstone Fortress FT02

It doesn't have to be either of the 2 if you know a better case, of course :) Any help would be much appreciated!
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  1. Consider this guy:
    It has rave reviews.

    Check out the Antec Three Hundred. It's not flashy or anything but it's highly functional. I have an SLI system (also multiple HDD, and a mild OC running) and it's enough to keep everything quite cool.

    Honestly, all of those seem like excellent cases and I'm sure you can get them all to cool your system effectively. At this point, you can pretty much decide based on how you want it to look.
  2. The RV02 essentially cools the same as the FT02 for ~$100 less.
    (Apparently comes with the AP181s, though if you want a guarantee, the EW for ~$20 is avaliable)
  3. Wow that Silverstone is a beast.
  4. I think the Silverstone has better airflow in general. But I also think the Antec 1200 wins in the end because it can have a total of 8 fans vs. the Silverstone's 4 fans. :s
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