My computer just randomly shutdown?

Hi, I've just brought a new 700 WATT power supply, replacing my 500 ATX power supply.

Everything starts up fine, it's been on for a couple of hours, and then whilst my partner was playing a game, the computer instantly shutdown during it...

The powersupply was brand new and boxed - It's a Alph a power PSU - 700 watts..

What could of caused this?

I opened up my HWmonitor and it says this for voltages: Idk what to make of it..

CPU VCORE - VALUE 1.06 - 1.07V MIN 1.06 MAX 1.18V
VIN1 - 192.VV min 1.92 Max 1.92
+3.3v - 3.30V min 3.28V max 3.30 V
+5V - 5.05V min 5.03v 5.08v
+5V VCCH - 5.05V min 5.03v 5.08v
VBAT 3.12v 3.12v 3.12v
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  1. Rma it simple fix, prolly an issue with the psu.
  2. cia24 said:
    Rma it simple fix, prolly an issue with the psu.

    Hi CIA24, yeah I might just do that...

    But the thing is, my other PSU is a 500watt

    My computer uses an Ati radeon 4850 - 400-450 watts.
    Artic freezer pro 7 - 130 Watt
    And 3-5 case fans...

    Am I over doing it? or will it last until I get a new PSU maybe next week or so?
  3. edit- it will be fine just run it lol rma the other one get a new one back.
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