Please help! Uxpected gigabit speeds (NO drives involved)?


New to gigabit, and have just upgraded my old pc (2002 Dell Dimension 8200) with an Intel Pro/1000 MT PCI gigabit card. My laptop has built in gigabit.

With my old 100Mbps card in the PC, I only get a transfer rate of approx 30,000 Kbits/sec (tested using JPerf/iPerf). With the gigabit card, that only increases to about 90,000 Kbits/sec. This is WITHOUT any harddrives involved - JPerf runs on both machines in memory.

Is this to be expected? I was expecting much more. What can I look at to increase this? Will an older machine like this perform worse than a newer one? It's running XP home edition, sp3.

Appreciate any help!!

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  1. Run a loopback test on both machines individually. This tests the speed of each machine. Just because you have Gb doesn't mean you have the horsepower or bandwidth (interface badnwidth) run it full speed. For example, if that Gb card is a pci varient then don't expect to push more than the pci bus can handle which is about 130Mb/s. I suspect one of your Gb controllers is on the pci bus.
  2. Ah, told you I was new to all this! ;) Didn't realise that horsepower comes into play so much.

    Ran loopback on laptop - gigabit adaptor built in to motherboard. iPerf shows approx 500Mb/s, which is still a lot slower than I thought. It's a Dell Studio 1535 Intel Core 2 Duo with 2GHz processor and 3 Gb RAM running Vista.

    Ran loopback on desktop - Intel Pro/1000 MT PCI (you were correct!) gigabit card. iPerf gets only 30Mb/s on it. It's a Dell Dimension 8200 (purchased in 2002) with Pentium 4 1.9 GHz processer and 512MB of Ram.

    So, looks like the PC is not capable of much, right? How do the numbers for the laptop look?

    Maybe this will push me to buy a new desktop ;) What should I look for to ensure I can run the gigabit adaptor as fast as possible?

    Many thanks,

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