BIOS update help?

How in the world do i update a BIOS for a Asus M4A785-M with a flash drive.
ive got the .ROM file saved on a flash drive.
what next?

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  1. Also there is NO visual going through the HDMI when i boot.
    No boot logo or BIOS prompt
  2. If i remember right, you need enable the HDMI in the bios first. And when windows loads, enable audio over HDMI in sound properties, if you need that.
  3. To update the bios, insert the usb drive and then press alt-f2 during the POST to open the ez-flash utility. Press tab to switch between drives until you see the bios you want to install displayed. Honestly I'd wait till you have windows loaded and use the windows utility. The flash drive has to be fat 32 or fat16 format. NTFS wont work.
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