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I started having this problem after I upgraded to Windows 7 x64. I have an ATI 5850 from Sapphire. I have the latest drivers from December, but this problem still keeps happening the weird thing is it only happens when I am browsing and watching any form of video online, and the more videos I que the faster it happens. I tried the various solutions online such as setting my clock speeds 400/900 since my card liked to go down to 157/300 after sleep. The temps arent getting high at all when I am looking inside the CCC during the videos but they also say 0% activity. This display issue also doesnt happen when I play games.

I am beginning to think this is a 64bit issue since I had 32 bit for a while and this card had no problems then
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  1. Might need to revert to previous drivers... I'm not sure which ones tho... The latest ones sometimes introduce new problems.
    You could also try driver sweeper if you haven't..
  2. This was happening with drivers all the way back to Summer 2010. I also tried driver sweeper then reinstalling the newest ones. I just cant seem to find out what these issues are.
  3. Just wanted to say I turned off HW Accel on Flash and it fixed my issue.
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