Samsung Hard Drive Major Issues

Hi, I recently had a power outage when using my PC, and my Samsung hard drive is no longer reconized by the computer. It also hangs the BIOS.

I also had a loud clicky noise from the drive and bought another drive to replace the platters.

After replacing the platters, I now have two drives doing the same thing, is there any way I can repair these two drives, or even just the oringinal?

This is highly important as it hold bussiness accounts, and yeah- lol theres no backup!!!

The drive is a samsung 320gb sata 2 ... HM321HI
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  1. Odds are your drive is already past recovering anything.
    You'd need a working drive to do the platter swap on and it must be the same model and firmware version as yours. Test it thouroghly.

    Inspect your platters once you have the top off your drive, any scratches or such and you are done, its unrepairable.

    Remove the platters using a platter removal tool. They must retain their exact orientation to each other!!

    Install into the new drive. *Do not boot up from this drive*

    Install into a pc or docking station.

    Boot up the pc and recover all that you can once you have access. Its not going to last long ...
  2. hmm, unfortunatley, I changed the platters over from a new drive. Bothe the hard drives don't work now, when you say the orientation, i have tried both ways incase I had flipped one over by accident. Neither of them read at all, and I was hoping there was something i had missed, I am aware that these drives are sensitive, but I now have two broken drives. they both hang my BIOS!!! I cant understand why, I bought a new drive with the same model number, but I still do not know why the drive broke in the first placed apart from dropping it. Are the motor assesmblies really sensitive to shock?
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