Computer not booting, No lights or fans.

I opened my parents computer to do the usual monthly cleaning so it doesn't complete die from all the dust in their house. I used a can of compressed air like I always do and blew out everything that needed it. I put the side cover back on started booting the computer back up. I started up like normal then all of the sudden went to a pale blue screen. Not the blue screen of death, but just a blue screen. I tried restarting it and the same thing happened. I opened it up to check and make sure all the connections were connected and everything seems good. I tried starting it up again and this time the fans turned on and starting running at full speed. No video images came up just the fans spinning as hard as they could. I also could not get the computer to turn of with the power button, and had to flip the switch on the back of my power supply to get it to turn off. Now every time I try and power up the computer nothing comes on. I can see that the power LED light is coming on but that is about the only thing that looks like it gets power.

It an old Gateway 503GR
Anted TruePower Trio 550 watt PSU
8500 GT Nvidia graphics card
The motherboard was replace a few years about but I cannot remember what was put in, sorry.
I also cannot seem to find the rest of the stock specs online, seems like the computer is too old.

Let me know if you need any more information. Thanks in advance.
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  1. Hello sbost22;

    Still having problems?
    If you found out what that problem was we'd like to hear how you fixed it.
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