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whats a good gpu under $80 and supports crossfirex.
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  1. Radeon HD 5570, should just fit into your budget, make sure you get the DDR5 one because it is better.
  2. that hd 5750 doesn't support crossfire
  3. HD 4670 is probably the best you can do.

    Although I've never heard of that brand and the 4650 (one step down) from a major brand cost $10 more.
  4. er, cancel that, it appears it doesn't support Crossfire either. I should've done more research.
  5. is there any others
  6. Lowest card that supports Crossfire is a 5750. Cheapest one of those is $120

    Better save your ________(insert country currency here). If you want to come over to the dark side, a GTS 250 supports SLI and is $65 after Mail-in-rebate.
  7. i really want a ati gpu but which is better ati or nvidia
  8. that is a giant preference arguement, but I personally like the most powerful I can afford, that's why I have the card I do currently. I almost ended up with the ATI 5970, but they were out of stock, so point being: I like well made cards, not an affinity to one camp or the other. In the older AMD/ATI cards, crossfire didn't scale as well as SLI, so any of the 5000 series or older were beaten by Nvidia SLI setups. It looks as though what you'll be able to afford and get the most power from would be the Nvidia GTS 250. When you add a second card your combined set-up will work better than...well, there isn't anything in this price range to compare it to.

    I'd say, if $80 is your ceiling, find the additional $20 you need to order the card and wait until you can SLI it. But this is really a rough decision, because that card is now 2 generations old, and not getting any younger. Patience might be your only option.
  9. i actually have $180 for a gpu but i really can't decide
  10. GTX 460 1gb version. Great performance and overclockability. Just about under 180 dollars.
  11. Since you want an ATI card and the 6000 series scales better in Crossfire than all Nvidia products, I and Tom's recommend a 6850.

    and here is the link where Tom's recommends the 6850 and the GTX 460 as the best two cards for their respective camps and the $180 price range.,2879-4.html
  12. There are cheaper brands of the 6850, some of them are $170 and include mail-in rebates.
  13. Bingo!
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