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Hey. I have a question regarding upgrading my video card. I currently have Intel H55 Integrated Graphics on a ZT Systems computer (a company which has a habit of not having any model numbers). I had my eye on a PowerColor Radeon 5770 for a budget of under $150. My question is, is it compatible with the H55 motherboard? If not, any good alternatives of that caliber that is? Thanks.

Here's the link to it:
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  1. You need to make sure you have a PCI Express port on your motherboard. If you do, then it is compatible with your board. I'm assuming since you have an H55 then you would have one.

    You also need to ensure your Power Supply is compatible with the card.
  2. I'm not really comfortable with opening up my machine to find the power supply without a walkthrough, sorta. Anyone know where inside the machine would I be able to find the power supply?
  3. Its at the back, either on the top or bottom of the case. Just open the side of the case, either unscrew or just pop it open whichever way your case opens.

    You can't do anything wrong by opening the side of your case, it is like opening the hood of your car.
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