No Video/POST/Beep on New build


It's me again.

New motherboard is in since last one had problems with DIMM slots. I have everything plugged in, but I get nada. The PSU and GPU are good, as I'm using the same ones on this computer.

I was just reading the troubleshooting guide that is stickied. I didn't try it with 1 stick of RAM...YET...but will do so a little later.

Anything else I should try for my next attempt at building the new computer together?
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  1. Does it even power up? Are the fans spinning and can you hear the drives running? Did you plug in the wires to the CPU and the motherboard? I forgot that the CPU require it's own power on my last build :)
  2. Thanks for replying :)

    Yes, it powers up, all fans turn on (can see & feel them as haven't put side panel back on).

    Yes, plugged in both the 20+4(mobo) and the 4+4 (CPU)

    Any other suggestions, Steve or anyone? Anything will help, if I've done it, I'll let you know.
  3. I had a similar problem with my last build. The fans were spinning and the drives run but I didn't get a BIOS screen. The monitor didn't even detect a signal. I exchanged the MOBO but I had the same problem. I finally bought a new PSU (I was using my old one) and it fixed the problem.
  4. The PSU is good as I'm using it on this machine as I talk to you. Same GPU too.

    Could it still be a bad PSU?
  5. You could try breadboarding. The link's in that sticky you were reading
  6. What brand and how much power does it deliver? what was your old system and what's in your new build. It may be a little underpowered for your new build.
  7. OCZ 700w StealthXstream II

    This system (old) is
    AMD Athlon 64 X2
    Dell Motherboard

    New System:
    ASRock 870 Extreme 3
    AMD Phenom II x4 655
  8. kilo_17 said:
    You could try breadboarding. The link's in that sticky you were reading

    I don't have room to breadbroad. Any suggestions?
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