New Graphics Card - Fan not spinning and no display

I bought a graphics card ( PNY GT 430 1gb ddr3 geforce) and when I put it into my computer and turn on the power the fan doesn't spin and there is no display, the monitor is on and the VGA cable is plugged in. I searched around and people have been told that they need to connect it to the power supply but there is no place on my card to connect it to the psu unless they mean a spot on the motherboard? I really don't know

Another thing Is that I can't install the drivers because I can't set up my pc. Would that have anything to do with it?
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  1. What are your full system specs? Motherboard, CPU, PSU etc?

    Is the computer booting and only the GPU is having an issue, or is it strictly fans starting up and nothing else happens?
  2. My motherboard is Msi 870a-g54, 4gigs ddr3 ram, 500 watt psu ( brand new ), anthlon II x4 3ghz quadcore processor
    Everything else starts up, the system fans work and the LEDs light up on the motherboard. the gpu fan doesn't spin and there is no visual on the monitor.
  3. What brand power supply is it? Do you have another power supply you can test it on?
  4. I don't have another power supply to test it on
  5. Also, try reseating it. It's possible you just didn't get it all the way in there... it should snap into place.
  6. Metalligator said:
    I don't have another power supply to test it on

    Do what Wolf said, try re-seating it, I had the same problem a few times. Just make sure you get it pushed in all the way.

    If that doesn't work get back to me with the make and model of your PSU.
  7. Tried reseating it, that didn't work
    The psi is the Ezcool atx 500 Jsp, I think that might be the problem, one of the first results was a forum thread about it.
  8. Tried the GPU with another motherboard/processor/ram combo but the same power supply and it didn't work. So so you guys think it's the power supply? Too cheap and weak, any good ones for about €50?
  9. Sounds like it could very well be the PSU. If it's not, then it's the GPU itself.
  10. Sounds like the PSU to me. But as wolf said, could be either or, or even both. But after telling me what PSU you have it sounds like the PSU to me.

    Your best bet at this point would be trying a better PSU (maybe a friends) and seeing if that works.
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