Gigabyte motherboard - boot up skipping raid array or hanging at dmi

Hi everyone. I've been having an issue for sometime where my system had difficulty booting. It would hang after "Verifying DMI pool data" and would give "READ ERROR" or "HARD DRIVE ERROR" as the issue. After rebooting a few times, it would usually come on. I have checked the drives, and they all seem fine.

The issue got worse, and I have now had to reinstall fedora to see if this helps.

The os is installed on a raid array (pci attached) and the other hard drives are attached to the motherboard with the raid disabled. The raid array is marked as bootable in the card settings and I have rebuilt the array. The array appears in the BIOS and is set to be the primary boot device, then bootable addin cards, then hard drives.

If I try to boot with the raid card drives attached, but the motherboard sata drives disconnected, it boots fine. Once running, if I attach the motherboard sata drives they appear and no errors are reported. If I reboot and try to load with all drives attached, it pauses at Verifying DMI data and then says unable to boot.

It seems as though when the other drives are attached it's just ignoring the PCI card raid array.

I've updated the BIOS, used the second from latest edition of the BIOS, flashed the CMOS, installed Fedora with all drives attached, installed it with just the PCI card RAID array...but nothing seems to work. I've used a variety of hard drives and SATA ports on the motherboard, and SATA cables and I'm not at a loss.

I can get it working, but it means opening the case and unplugging all motherboard connected hard drives, then replugging them every time I reboot, which isn't much fun.

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  1. I kept the original raid card with the two drives that hold the OS, and ordered a 4 port SATA card to replace the motherboard SATA port drives. I've fitted it, switched it on and it boots up no problems. It only fails if a hard drive is plugged into the motherboard...even though the BIOS is set up right with the boot order, and the OS raid is marked as bootable on the raid card...I can only assume the motherboard has failed...I've updated and rolled back the BIOS with no effect. If anyone finds a solution to this, other than buying pci raid cards, I'd be grateful to hear about it!
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