Which Motherboard is Best?

As ive said in a few other threads, im starting my first build and asking around to pick the best components :)

Down to last few bits now and its time to pick a motherboard

I think ive narrowed it down to three (unless theres a better option?) i wanted USB 3.0 header and ports, pci3.0 support for the future, and hopefully the LGA1155 will support ivybridge soon too, Was originally going to get the ASUS but then i found the ASROCK and it said it was upto 5x faster with photoshop? and then found the cheapest of the 3 the GIGABYTE, will there actually be any differences in berformance, boot up times or anything else?

GIGABYTE Z68AP-D3 £74.98
ASRock EXTREME3 GEN3 £109ish
ASUS P8Z68-V Pro/Gen 3 £121.99

It'll be for an i7 2600K, 16GB Vengeance RAM and GTX 570 GPU

Thanks :)
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  1. I'd go with ASUS P8Z68-V Pro/Gen 3 supports Ivy Bridge already.

    I build a PC with mobo, its great OC machine.

    The Z68 is the way to go.

    ASRock EXTREME3 GEN3 is actually made with ASUS support, but it comes with 2 years warranty, vs 3 yrs with ASUS.
  2. Is the gigabyte board definitely not ivy bridge compatable then?
  3. Danmancity said:
    Is the gigabyte board definitely not ivy bridge compatable then?

    No, the Z68 and P67 and H67 are going to be compatible.

    But ASUS already has the BIOS update for the Ivy Bridge : )
  4. Thank you very much :)
  5. Danmancity said:
    Thank you very much :)

    Sure thing : ))
  6. i take it the thing about photoshop being 5x faster is just marketing from ASRock and its really the same as the other two?
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