Low fps,crashes,vga guarantee ending ;/

Hey there.Made a whole new system,only used part was gpu a 5770.While playing WOW at ful graphics fps is really low(around 30 at no people areas and less than 20 at citys).I know this is not normal while other people have 60+ with this gpu.Also in these 2 months i got the computer pc has crashed about 5-6 times while in game and it needed a restart.(no just game crash).Finally 1 in 10 times I open computer after I enter password it loads desktop and then it crashes.Really is this a gpu problem?How can I find out?Used gpu guarantee is ending and if its faulty I wanna return it fast!System specs:crosshair IV,x4 955,corsair 650hx,4gb ocz black edition.
Thanks in advance for all answers!=D
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  1. What resolution and what OS?
  2. Have you got the latest drivers installed?
  3. Here is the link for Tom's charts for Cataclysm.

    AMD: High-End Cards At Ultra Quality
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