Building first PC, AMD vs Intel?

So I'm doing my first build. I have Microcenter and Frys near me so I've been looking at their sites. Microcenter has the I5 2500k for $180 but it also has a AMD Phenom XII 960 BE (or something like that) with free or cheap mobos. Is there a large difference between them? I'm trying to decide whether it's worht the $50 or so more to go Intel.
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  1. Are you on a budget? if so what is it?
  2. The AMD is a AMD Phenom II X4 975 Black Edition 3.6GHz Quad-Core.

    I'd like to keep it as cheap as possible. But I'm looking at 8gb DDR3 1600 ram and the I5 or that processor. Thinking $400-450 without a graphic card. Rosewill Destroyer case most likely with a 480W PSU if it is adequate.
  3. What your going for sounds about right and will get everything done EXCEPT: Power supplies. But, this depends on if your gonna stick with the integrated graphics that the CPU has. If so, then the PSU is fine. If not, then well tell me the card you might be looking at.

    And for AMD, well, AMD is always a good choice too, but they are power hungry. Im not that familiar with AMD products so i can't say.

    So which i5 processor are you looking at?
  4. I5 2500k. And I don't know about the graphics yet. Nothing too expensive. Probably something in the $50 range so it'd be weaker or older.
  5. Oh jeeze then you're fine bro:) The i5 Sandy bridge series is a really nice series of processors in terms of power and clock management.

    This Mobo supports your ram speeds and has 2 PCI2 x16 and x4 so if u think about getting a gfx card you can.

    And what about the power supplies, are you gonna get a gfx card in the future or stick with the i5 integrated?
  6. But is it that much better than the AMD? AMD has CPU+Mobo comboes from $170-200 while it'd be $300 for the Intel.
  7. if you have a microcenter near you. Go for intel as MC has excellent in store deals on intel cpu's (they want you to buy the whole system from them... thats why) that is hard to pass up.

    Not to mention an i5-2500k will smash all the AMD's to pulp (okay.. exaggerating a bit here).

    Overall in gaming, it really comes down to your GPU but the i5-2500k is the processor to get and for $180 it's a complete steal. Oh and you should never use the power supplies that come with cases (unless they're antec) as they are usually of low quality and cannot support powerful discreet gpus.
  8. i5 2500K is the way to go. It is worth every dollar of the $180
  9. If you want to use the i5 2500K's on-chip video than you need to buy a z68 M/B and make sure that it doesn't say vga required on it (some gigabyte z68 boards say this and it is because they do not have any video connections onboard).
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