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Want to connect usb 3.0 to my motherboard.

i am getting a case that has 2 usb3.0 in the front panel and it has a 20 pin connector that goes to the motherboard. my motherboard does not have the onboard 3.0 but does have the rear panel usb 3.0 slot. I am jsut curious what my options are. I would be fine with configuring it so they function just like usb 2.0. So is the best solution some sort of adapter cable? a pci adapter? I do not know much about USB3.0
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  1. Youll have to buy a PCI card that has USB 3.0 on it.
  2. so if i buy a pci card with usb 3.0 how does that allow me to use the front panel usb 3.0 ports?
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    Actually, if you have 3.0 on the back plugs, you have it on your motherboard. There are cables that come off your front panel plugs inside your case, indentify them and plug them into the USB 3.0 headers on your motherboard. Fixed.
  4. ok so you are saying use the back usb 3.0 to attach to the case instead of attaching the front usb to the motherboard via the 20 pin connector? if so how would i bypass the connector?
  5. No. You have USB headers on your motherboard, a set of pins to plug in to. THey will be labeled, open up your manual and look for the USB connectros on the motherboard, You plug the cables from the FRONT PANEL of your case to those headers and you should have USB 3.0 on your front panel of your case.
  6. my motherboard does not have the 20 pin connector. the front panel usb 3.0 has a 20 pin connector. I dont see how i can plug it in when the issue i have is that it can not plug into the motherboard.
  7. Never heard of a 20 pin coming off of front panel of a case. Is it an aftermarket panel control?
  8. nope. there are other threads about this but basically what it comes down to is i think i need a 20 pin to 9 pin adapter so i can just plug it into the mobo and use the front usb3.0 slots as usb 2.0
  9. I haven't seen the adapter cable you need for sale except for some that are included with cases. Another option would be a card like this one if you can find it in stock somewhere.
  10. thanks for the input. i will look around for someone selling one of these asapters that came with a case and also for the pci card that connects internally to the 20 pin usb 3.0
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