Cooler Master 550W Real Power is enough for GTX 460 1GB?

I plan to buy new graphic card 'Gainward GTX 460 GS GLH 1GB'. My PSU is 'Cooler Master Real Power 550W (certified SLI, but i don't plan to use SLI or CrossFire)' Minimum PSU required for that card is 450W with two 6-pin PCI-E power connectors (have them). So, i really worry about amperage needed to power this card...

This PSU has 3 v12+ rails (360W max power for all 3 v12+ rails). 1st and 2nd rails are at 12A and 3rd is at 6A. That makes total of 30A (in continuity) or 48A (peak)

DOES CARD USES AMPS ONLY FROM ONE RAIL, OR FROM 2 or 3 RAILS COMBINED? Considering it has two PCI-E power connectors plus power from the PCI-E 16x port on MB.

Cooler Master recommended minimum PSU Wattage for my pc with GTX 460 included at 90% load is 439W. And right now pc in idle uses 100W with my Radeon X1650, shown by front PSU wattage meter.

Please help me,my old GeForce 8800 GTS died after 3 years maybe because of this issue and i don't want to have same fate with GeForce GTX 460.

I'm gamer, student, hardware geek, but this is too much for me. There is no one who can help me, this is delicate matter. Please help me!
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  1. It should be enough. Usually the PCIe connectors on a PSUs are on separate rails.
  2. Quote:
    It should be enough. Usually the PCIe connectors on a PSUs are on separate rails.

    Thanks for fast response rolli59, i also think that those PCI-E power connectors are on separate rails.

    But still, how do i know for sure will my PSU give required and appropriate level of amps per rail for that graphic card?

    My old (dead) GeForce MSI 8800 GTS OC 320MB required 26A, and sometimes when i was playing games i had crashes and BSOD screen saying that pc shut down to prevent damage to pc hardware. And when i restarted system, error message said that graphic card caused an error. I ignored it always thinking it was maybe a driver issue, and after 3 years it finally died. Maybe, just maybe it was the PSU low amps that caused all the trouble... That's the reason why am i afraid that my PSU wont be good enough for the job.

    Help anyone?
  3. I am all for it that you buy a quality PSU to replace your CM which isn't the best (that's what I would do). Instability is the first thing that you will be noticing if you have power issues (just what you described).
  4. A good 550 watt PSU is enough to run any CPU and single GPU. The problem is whether or not the CM is a good PSU. 30 amps is what I would expect from a good 400 watt PSU. A good 550 watt PSU should be producing around 40 amps on the 12 volt rails. And in all likelyhood, you do not have three independent rails.
  5. @rolli59 I know, but thanks for advice anyway. I'm still not sure is my PSU capable of running this card.

    I still don't know how many amperes does this card really needs... 24A minimum maybe? Maybe 2 PCI-E power connectors are on 2 rails that are 12A each, so in theory i can run the card?

    @jsc Overall it's good PSU, but 30A on v12+ rails for 550W PSU is bellow average. I agree. Why you think that this PSU don't have three independent rails? Do you know that from PSU specification or ?

    The question still remains, does Cooler Master Real Power 550W PSU (in total of 30A on three v12+ rails) is enough to run GeForce GTX 460 1GB graphic card with no problems? Or i need a stronger PSU?
  6. I'm not as savvy as rolli in this area, but I'm always open to learn. But, have you taken into consideration other components of your computer that may require power? I mean, 550W PSU sounds like your PSU will be working close to 85% of the time, and usually higher-end PSUs are praised because they work, say 60% of the time...causing more system stability, and less money out of your pockets in the long run...
  7. @khubani I am sure that my system in full load can't reach max of 550 Watts. With GTX 460 installed it can get probably around 450 Watts max. And am told that this PSU is capable of delivering even 50W above the max if necessary and peek is even higher (at 660W). Now i don't say it is powerful PSU, but it has quality components and can handle 85% load. But still 30A in continuity on all three v12+ rails it's not much for 550W PSU like 'jsc' said.

    This PSU has a front mounted wattage meter, and it is mostly accurate on showing current system wattage consumption. When i had GeForce 8800 GTS it was showing around 150W and less consumption on normal load and around 250W in full load! So i don't think even with GeForce GTX 460 system won't consume over 400W in full load. Or CM wattage meter is inaccurate, but reviews said that is almost accurate.... Unimportant, consumption of wattage is not the issue here, amps are. PSU can power with watts any CPU and single GPU like 'jsc' said.

    So the question is, does this PSU gives enough amps on v12+ rails to run GTX 460 1GB without problems?
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    To answer your question! According to the specs it does! It has 360watts available for the +12 volt.
    Total system load running Furmark on GTX460 331watts
  9. @rollli59 i really appreciate your help on this matter. Link you gave me works (leads to the but web page there is having error (all day) and i can't see what are you trying to show me. I will check it regularly to see if they fixed that error... :(
  10. There was an extra dot behind the link! Fixed now but it is power consumption test several cards.
  11. I found out that the min amps (24A) needed for 'GTX 460 1GB' is for the hole system and NOT only for card itself. Can someone please confirm if this is true or false?

    As i previously said, my PSU have 30A and 360W for v12+ rails (combined) and if the min amps (24A) is for hole system, logically my PSU should be strong enough to run the card without problems (at least i think). And GTX 460 isn't 'that' much power hungry like the other graphics cards in the test... (i learned that from link you gave me)... But if 24A is min only for card itself and not for the hole system, than am in trouble.

    I can only be sure when i buy and try that 'Gainward GTX 460 1GB GS-GLH' card and see how it really runs on my system. Normally if i get BSOD screens (or system freezes, hangs) i will change my PSU for stronger one (with more amps). I only hope not to damage card in the process of experiment...

    Anyway i will post my results! Any final suggestions, advice or confirmation about minimum 24A for card only or hole pc? Thanks in advance!
  12. Yes the ratings are for the total system.
  13. rolli59 said:
    Yes the ratings are for the total system.

    Great, so i have a good chance to be able to power that card with current PSU. Thank you very much rolli59!

    Btw if moderators don't lock this topic, i will inform you how it really works... Thanks once again. :)
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  15. I didn't buy Gainward GTX 460 1GB GLH because i got for free (NEW) XFX 8800 GTS 640MB Alpha Dog card. XFX card can still power new games at a decent frame rate for 1280x1024 resolution. Like StarCraft 2, Fallout, Oblivion, Crysis, COD 4 and e.c.t.

    But the main thing is that 8800 GTS requires 26 Amps (GTX 460 requires only 24 Amps) on v12+ rail and it works fine with my Coler Master Real Power 550W PSU.

    Thanks again for help guys, i now know that many psu's can handle new mid range graphic cards without problems.
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