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i am akash, Iwant to know which cpu is better for desktop pc dual core, core 2 duo or i3
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  1. Hi akash1804!
    The best bang of the buck either the intel i5 2500k or the intel i3 2100.Both are amazing and both can really be called the bang of the buck depending on your budget.
  2. But it depends what you're using the computer for and how much you're willing to spend. Are you just browsing the internet etc, or are you playing graphics-heavy games?
  3. Among your given choices (which are all btw dual core Intel chips), an i3 processor will be the fastest regardless of whatever you use the PC for.
  4. You really need to be more specific when asking questions like this since there are many different models of both the i3 and Core 2 Duo. The i3 is generally better though due to its improved core architecture and hyperthreading

    However, I would probably prefer a Core 2 running at 3.3 ghz over an i3 at say 2.4 ghz for example
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