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2x Pcie x16 at x1 at sli x8 x8 Question

My mother baords2 pcei x16 slots are both x16 but when in sli they dumb down to x8 each.

Here is the question when you are using 2 cards at once but not in sli like 1x gtx 465 main 1x gts 450 physics it will run at x16 correct
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  1. Mobo brand and model?
  2. Its a genera question... If they run at x16 when not in sli then haveing a 465 and a gts 450 as physx it will run at x16.. i would think. because they are not communicating.
  3. In short, Yes it should work. Now I am taking it you are upgrading by buying the gtx 465 and you already have the gts? If so I might be a little concerned with their compatibility. Just because they are different platforms. I know from xp that the 500 series works with the gts series but not sure if the 400s do. They have issues with sli'ing properly with cards that are not of the same line or even number for that matter.

    This might not be a problem though if your just running them separately though idk. Still in theory it should work, straight up.
  4. It does work right now im just asking about the speeds
  5. If both slots are utilized, they both should run x8. However, for 465 as graphics it would hardly matter. It won't matter for any physX card also. Only very high end cards like 580 may see some performance drop. You shouldn't notice any difference on your setup.
  6. oh ok, hmm ill search around for some benchmarks then.
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    hmm hope this helps a little. Still not sure its what your looking for but i figured its worth a shot.
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