Help! my newly build system won't start up

Hi all,
A few months ago my old AMD64 kicked the bucket. I was impressed by the new SB processor, so I decided to build a new system.
The stuff I bought:
- Intel i5 2500k.
- Kingston HyperX 4 GB DDR3-1333 Kit
KHX1333C7D3K2/4GX, Genesis, XMP
- Zalman CNPS 8000A
- Western Digital WD20EARS
- OCZ ModXStream Pro 600W
- SilverStone SUGO SG02-F
- ASUS EAH4850/HTDI/512M

I've followed the instructionbooklets to the letter, but when I turned my PC on, nothing happened. The videocard cooler turned on and spinned just as the CPU cooler for one second before shutting itself off.

I removed the mobo from the casing, but still nothing. Then removed the hd's, still nothing. Removed the memory and switched it from banks, nothing, took one mem.module out, switched videocards, switched powercakble, switched PSU, used stockcooler, but nothing happens. The only thing that happens is that the CPU coolerfan spins for a second and (if the videocard is connested, that too spins for about a second.) There are no POST indicators on the mobo and it doesn't beep (i have connected an internal speaker) The memory and the videocard are working, since I have tried them on a different system (not a SB system). I also think the mobo does get power, since there are two leds on the mobo that burn ( a green one and a red one).

What could be wrong? Do I have a faulty mobo or a faulty CPU or did I something wrong?
Could someone please give me some advise?

Thanks for the help.
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  1. This may be a stupid question but is the 12v 8-pin connector seated properly?

    Sounds like the board could be bad if you've tried all the rest of the components
  2. Nope. The 12v. connector fits only one way :-( I don't know if either the mobo or the CPU is faulty. How can I find that out? I tried the mobo even without the CPU (nothing happens, no fans spins, etc.) With CPU nothing happens but the fans spins. Th mobo knows when there is a CPU connected, but nothing happens. I think one of them is faulty, but how can I tell which one it is?
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