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first time posting, hoping to get some answers. any help is greatly appreciated.
After email the company, but did not get any good answer from them. i believe this is the last place to get some help.

Basically, I have 2 8dbi outdoor omni directional antenna. one for the access point and one for the brigde. The distance between the access point and the bridge is around 400ft. (a block away, straight line of sight).Right now, because of the antenna cable lenght, i have to put the access point and the bridge up in the attic. The antennas are mount on the ridge of the house, close to the roof. I want to move the access point away from the attic.
the distance from the mounted antenna is 30ft away from the room where i want to put the bridge. And the distance for access point antenna to the access point itself is 50ft away.
My questions are, if i use a longer antenna cable .. a 30ft for the bridge and a 50ft for the access point. Will that work? i know that with a 50ft cable, you loose 3.3dbi. Will that dbi lost have any effect on my internet connection?
I just want to know that it works before i buy the cable. I know that i have to buy the adapter/pigtail for the cable to be able to fit into the access.bridge point.
The cable i m looking at is a LMR 400 with n-type male to N-type female.

Thank you.

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  1. Basically, you are using an external antenna hoping to increase signal. Using a long cable decreases signal. Find the best compromise or you will be back to square one minus a load of money.
  2. thanks fihart.
    I m not hoping to increase the signal. what i have now is very good. the signal are great. it's just that right now, the access point and the bridge is up in the attic because of the 6ft antenna cable. i want to bring the access point back into my room. and that requires a 50ft antenna cable.
    the question is "how much signal will i lose?" enough to disrupted my internet services?


  3. I'm sure there would be a way to do this with ethernet cable linking the computer to the wireless device (rather than a very long antenna wire) so that signal loss would be zero.
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