HD5570 + 52" 1080p Samsung HELP ME PLEASE***

Hello everyone, I just installed my new HD5570 into my Gateway pc. I am using my 52” LCD as my monitor. I am very frustrated on how bad the picture looks. When I put the 1080p resolution setting on I cannot see the words. I have to bring the resolution down to 800 just to be able to use my pc in a comfortable stage. It is important to know that I use this set up as my main TV source. Meaning I stream everything on TV. All of my movies and shows I see by streaming. I don’t use cable. I have to use DIVX to be able to use the website and when I full screen on 1080p resolution the picture and sound are not in synch. Please help the ATI card is only four days old and It’s very disappointing to have such nice stuff and don’t know how to use it. Here are the items I am dealing with.

PC – Gateway model-GT5654 http://support.gateway.com/s/PC/R/1015001R/1015001Rnv.shtml :sweat:

Video Card – XFX HD 5570 650M 1GB DDR3 DP HDMI DVI PCI-E :bounce:
Serial: LWH022934
Reg Code: D5WP4HWPRG
Product Code: HD-557X-ZNFR

Television – 52” LCD Samsung 1080p model- Model #: LNT5271FX/XAA Connections - USB :bounce:
Please explain to me like I am 2 yrs old. :sarcastic: It just works better :sol:
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  1. What you're experiencing is what happens when you take a PC image and force it onto a television. It will NOT be as crisp and detailed as it would be on an LCD computer monitor. Especially since you're using a 52" TV!! Televisions were not designed to display text, but were designed for moving images. Computer monitors however, pack their pixels into much smaller spaces (and they are closer together). Therefore, they are able to show very fine detail.

    You're taking the same 1080p image that would normally be shown on a 21" to 23" computer monitor and stretching the same number of pixels over a 52" screen. So there's a LOT more space between each of those pixels. Ultimately, that makes the image look like crap by comparison. And yes, it especially makes text look bad. That text would normally be very small on a 1080p monitor, so when you make it fit onto such a large screen, portions of the letters probably don't even show! The TV doesn't have the fine detail ability to actually draw all the little tiny dots of each letter. It ends up being pretty hard to read.

    Also, you said "Connections - USB". Do you mean HDMI? I doubt your computer is connected to the television by a USB cable (though your TV shows as having a USB 2.0 plug on it). If it is, then you need to switch over to the HDMI output from the video card.
  2. Samsung states that you should be connecting to the HDMI1 port on the back of the TV.

    Is the TV properly detected in the graphics card driver/control panel application? Is the refresh rate set to 60Hz?
  3. This is more or less normal for a computer being connected to a TV as jerreece stated, its not the fault of the graphics card but the TV and its low pixel count for it's size (normal TV wise though). A 27" computer monitor has a higher resolution than 1920x1080.
  4. The card detect the tv. The first time it went to 1080p. Then I reinstalled driver and now it looks good but it is set at 720. I found this and dont understand it but I think you all will.

  5. If it automatically set the resolution to 720p then you need to change it back to 1080p (which is 1920x1080). Ultimately, none of this is really going to fix your issue. Your issue is the fact that you're using a 52" TV to display computer images. It works, but not very well. ;)

    Again, the text will never appear crisp and clear on such a big TV. This is due to a literal limitation within the TV itself.

    You could try setting to lower resolutions (like the 720p you're at now) on the computer, which would make everything appear "larger" and less detailed.
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