GIGABYTE X58A-UD3R Revision 1 BIOS Update?

I am just curious about updating your BIOS?

If I remember rightly, it used to be a scary thing to do, and if you weren't careful, you could effectively end up "killing" your board?

Can someone please let me know if things/procedures have improved since?

My current BIOS is F4 and have noticed F6 is available.
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  1. Your GA MOBO has a 'Dual BIOS' chip which means if you screw-up the back-up BIOS re-flashes the primary BIOS. The safest method to flash BIOS is through the BIOS and USB. Use the Q-Flash method which requires a Flash Drive formatted FAT32.

    Nice 3-part video:

    In short, if you have no problems then my best advice is NOT to flash.

    Examples 'when to flash':
    1. CPU requires newer BIOS version
    2. Non-OS Instability
    3. Peripherals e.g. 2TB HDD requires new BIOS.
    4. Memory compatibility ; where current RAM is causing errors or stability.

    Good Luck! :)
  2. Hi jaquith,

    The only reason I want to flash my BIOS is I have recently overclocked my i7 930 to a very stable 3.8ghz, and my rig now takes 3 attempts to boot from cold?!

    Unless someone can offer some advice, I was hoping a BIOS update would fix this?
  3. If you can boot normally without an OC then I'd guess a BIOS update won't help; though (#2) above suggests 'stability'. F6 = "Enhance CPU, DDR, PCIex16/x8 compatibility" ; so sure update as illustrated above.

    Good Luck! :)
  4. I will try and perform the update, if F6 helps with CPU stability and instances like overclocking etc, I will follow the advice in the video, and fingers crossed, I won't kill my most prized possession LOL!

    Thanks for your advice!
  5. Go to the Gigabyte site and download @BIOS, install it in Windows then run it. It will find available BIOS upgrade download and install. When it finishes you just reboot your machine and you're set!
    I also have a Gigibyte Mobo and I have done it before, it's simple!
  6. ngrego said:
    Go to the Gigabyte site and download @BIOS, install it in Windows then run it.

    NO!!! Only flash BIOS via a Flash Drive method - period!

    I've seen far, far too many bricked MOBO's flash through Windoze...
  7. Hey Guys Im back!!

    Took me a while, but the Qflash option did not work, as apparently my mobo did not recognise the new file as it was too large and therefore I had to update via @Bios!! It was tense there for a while, but it was VERY quick!!

    The hardest part for me was writing down all the overclock settings a friend of mine had adjusted a last week, so I could copy them into my new Bios settings, problem was, the layout of the update was VERY different to the Bios I copied them from, and there were a few differeces too!! But I seem to have everything back to the way it was?

    Thanks for all your advice!!!
  8. If you didn't extract the file then it won't work.
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