Starting planing First Build. Please a MoBo and GPU recommendation

Hello to everyone here. I'm about to make my first build. And I'm having an indecision over two AMD's processors. I will fill the list for more details.

Approximate Purchase Date: 2 weeks approximately

Budget Range: 400$ in USA for MoBo, CPU, HDD, Memory, VideoCard (also it would be nice to include the case here) the rest will be bought in Venezuela.

System Usage from Most to Least Important: gaming, processor hungry applications (I think because I use Chemical plant simulators, Autocad software and I do multitasking excessively (google chrome with 30 opened tabs, etc))

Parts Not Required: Power Supply, Keyboard, Mouse, Monitor, Speakers, OS, Fans

Preferred Website(s) for Parts: (althrought I've never bought
here it seems like a nice place to buy,

Country of Origin: I'll use the 400$ to buy in USA and I'll buy the rest here in Venezuela.

Parts Preferences: I would like to buy AMD processor, and ATI card or Nvidia if the Price/Performance is as good as ATI, also I think a ASUS or Gigabyte MoBo will be ok for me (Biostar is cheaper but I'm really scared of buying a low quality motherboard)

Overclocking: Maybe (I'm too scared of damaging my new build)

SLI or Crossfire: Maybe (Not really necessary, but I want it just in case)

Monitor Resolution: I don't know about this topic, I've used 1024x768 for 3 years and I liked it, but my hp laptop is damaged now so that's the reason I'm gonna make this build)

Additional Comments: I don't care about being a noisy pc, all I want is to have a stable pc without any overheating or getting my computer damaged easily. I would also like to point that I want this computer for at least 3 years

Ok, I filled up the list, now I'll detail what I have researched so far.

First I want to point out that if the most important parts for me are MoBo, CPU & VideoCard. I would like to add the HDD and memory to that 400$ budget but it seems it is difficult to get. Also for my decisions I used and to compare CPU's and GPU's.

CPU: I'm between the
Phenom II X4 840
Phenom II X4 955

I'm just wondering if that L3 worth spending 20$ more. Also the 955 it's unlocked giving me better overclocking possibilities. But for the budget I think those 20$ become really important.

GPU: Here I'm not quite sure about buying ATI or Nvidia. But for now I chose ATI because it seems to give better performance at a lower price. Note that I don't have any experience in video cards but for the things I've read GPU it's even more important than CPU in gaming.

One big question here is if you consider that DirectX 11 will be important for the next 2 years at least. Because if it won't be so important I will be using the
Radeon HD 4830

Also another question here... There is Powercolor, Sapphire, etc. Which do you think it's better?

If DirectX 11 will be very important then help me choose in the right direction I was even considering the
Radeon HD 6850

Motherboard: I don't have much Ideas here. I've seen ASUS and Gigabyte have very good motherboards with Overclocking possibilities and many other features (like the turbo button from ASUS which I think it's cool)

I want a very good Price/Performance card that doesn't get outdated so soon... I don't know when the AM3+ will be out, I'm not willing to wait so much (Wright now I'm writing from a very old Dell laptop with a old Intel Pentium III 730 MHz and 384MB ram which it is painfully slow). I think and AM3+ ready will do, or if you have any info that the new chipsets will be out soon then It's better to wait for that I think.

What do you think about BioStar?

Hard drive: I want a very good one and stable with 500GB it's enogh, even with 300GB I'm satisfied, but 500GB it's preferable.

Memory: I want 4GB DDR3 memory. I don't know it this is enough but that's what I used to have in my now almost dead laptop.

Power Supply: I will not be buying this in the 400$ budget. I will buy a 800W power supply here. I think it may be too much for the system I want to build, but it's cheap (around 80$ in my country).

Case: Something cheap and good, not fancy. If I could include this in my 400$ budget it would be awesome.

DVD unit: DVD-RW it would be nice to include this in the budget also.

Sorry for writing so much and sorry if I didn't write in english correctly it's not my native language, but I can understand it pretty well.

Greetings and thanks for your attention
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  1. The 840 isn't even a Deneb (PhenomII X4), just labelled as one for marketing purposes. It is actually a Propus (AthlonII X4).

    I certainly deem the 955 as worthy of the further $20.
  2. omnisome said:
    The 840 isn't even a Deneb (PhenomII X4), just labelled as one for marketing purposes. It is actually a Propus (AthlonII X4).

    I certainly deem the 955 as worthy of the further $20.

    Ok. Thank you so much for your answer. Now I'm more sure to buy the 955 then. I would like suggestions from the motherboards and GPU also. If having crossfire means too much money I'll drop that, it's not really neccesary
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