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Starcraft 2 and video memory

PC Specs :

Pentium Dual Core @ 2.5 Ghz (2 CPUs)
3 GB ram
450w PSU
1366 x 768 Max resolution monitor

Hi, I have decided to purchase an ATI Radeon HD 5670 card. I'm going to be playing a wide variety of games, but I play a lot of Starcraft 2. Should i purchase an HD 5670 with 1 GB or 512 MB memory? Would it make a big a difference to spend the extra money for today's games and specifically starcraft 2?
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    There is hardly any performance difference between 1GB and 512MB for the HD 5670 in all games benchmarked in the following review. SC2 was not benchmarked, but results would likely be the same.
  2. I would get the 1G version.Even though you might not need it,maybe someday you will get a bigger resoultion with 1080p.
    1G versions are always a safety net in my opinoin.
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  4. Thanks so much guys.
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