Power Supply for i5, GTX 560 Machine


I am planning to upgrade my system below given is the configuration. Its main application is for gaming.

i5 2500 (95W)
DH67BL MotherBoard
2x 4GB RAM DDR3 1333 (Together they may be 110W)
GTX 560 Ti (170W)
Sata HDD 500GB (12W)
Total 400W approximately

Can I use a CMPSU-500CX SMPS
Is DH67BL sufficient for my system

If the configuration is not upto par, Please suggest alternatives. I am very much concerned about cost.
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  1. as for the powersupply that looks fine, good quality choice of brand, i use the professional series but i am always tinkering and like to ensure the quality of the power. As for the mother Board i dont know, i always us Asus and the ballache that they are!...Marvell drivers anyone!
  2. motherboard is intel DH67BL, as I am having a Graphics Card I am not able to find a reason for a better motherboard. I need your advice on both the motherboard and Graphics card.
  3. I thought you were asking about Power supply?? I would go for HD6950 at the moment over the Nvida as they are a bit ahead on the drivers but that is all down to personal taste. As for the motherboard how much are you looking to spend?
  4. I want to spend minimum on motherboard, I understand that my GTX560 Ti will handle the Graphics so motherboard has no importance other than for the Sound and Ethernet. (The PCIe 2.0 x16 is directly connected to the processor via the motherboard so the Chipset quality of motherboard should not affect my computers performance in anyways. Chipset just provides the other interfaces like SATA,USB,LAN and sound)
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    Why would you buy intel motherboard?

    Ok, if you want to go like this, the budget way this is what i would try to do.

    CPU: i2500K
    MB: whatever you chose
    RAM: 4 to 8 Gb at 1333Mhz CL7 not 9!
    GPU: 6950 2gb model
    PSU: 500..better go for a nice 650w model from corsair.
    HDD..whatever you like.
    Case and optical drive i presume you already have.

    Reasons, the CPU is K series witch means it can be overclocked. That will help with longevity and the price difference is very small. RAM, do you really need 8Gb of RAM? 4 Gb should suffice for now.

    Video card, i recommended the 2Gb model because games are using more and more video RAM(or V-RAM) even if now only at above 1920x1080 resolution it will help. When you increase the AA(anti aliasing) more RAM is used.

    ATI does not have this option but with GPU-Z you can see in nvidia cards how much of vram a game uses, and at 1920x1080 there are games that use more than 1Gb if it is available.

    Recommended a 650w PSU with the option of overclocking the CPU and GPU + aging.

    This system should last you 3 years in games.

    Also the motherboard will have to be changed after 1-2 years when you decide to overclock the CPU. Only P67/z68..motherboards have that option. The H67 motherboards do not have that.

    You should buy your system keeping those options in mind. The more flexibility you have the easier it will be to improve your PC/upgrade.
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  7. Basically my budget is very less. My actual plan was just to buy a Graphics Card so I brought GTX 560. But my old system got damaged by a lightning now I am left with no options other than to upgrade my PC. So from a budget of $100 for power supply I needed to buy all components for a system.

    I am planning for intel motherboard only because I need to keep my budget low. Yes I am also aware about the over clocking k series processors and the over clocking. But was not sure about how over clocking is done and motherboards that support that. I will try to buy a 600W power supply and CL7 RAM. But if a higher price(more than $100) motherboard is required I will go with intel motherboard itself as it is the cheapest ones available.
  8. You shouldn't have selected the best answer yet. Or if you got your answers already sorry for posting after.

    I have seen this modules: .

    You can buy a cheaper mb P67 or buy a h67 and upgrade your mb later on as i mentioned above.

    OC'ing is easy and fun. You can learn it very fast. You will see later on.
  9. But I have an issue, I am from India and availability of 7-7-7 DDR3 RAMs are less here.
    Do you think a CL7 DDR3 2x2GB RAM will be better than CL9 2x4GB DDR3 RAM

    And yes about OC, this PC is for my Brother who is 13 years old, in next 1 year he will study everything about OC, true it wont be very difficult. But is that feature locked in intel motherboards
  10. Yes. it will, and also cheaper. The difference in real game applications is not that big but it still counts. If you can not find any, cl8 will be good also. Worst case you buy cl9 and change the timings in bios.

    Also you can ask the guys at the shop where you want to buy the RAM if they can bring the sticks you want.

    I do not know anything about intel motherboards, but i have never seen any overclocking articles on them. With the motherboard you have the option i posted above.
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