Crossfiring with different series card

I am currently running this card,

Would like to add this card and run a Crossfire setup,

Since they are different series are they compatible. My concern is my GPU is Radeon HD 5870 (Cypress XT), while the second one is just Radeon HD 5870. Does the Cypress XT make a difference, i don't think it does. All the other stats are the same. One other question, if this setup will work, does the Vapor X card have a slight factory OC to it? So would it be better to run it in the main PCI-e slot on my MB

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  1. All HD 5870 cores are called Cypress XT. Both card have the same clock speeds. Vapor X refers to the heatsink fan solution which is different from the reference design.
  2. Different series would mean the numbers would be different. 5870 CF'ed with a 6870. Its actually not possible to CF like this as they are to different. You can CF a 5850 with a 5870, or a 6950 with a 6970, but not like the previous example like I said. You should be fine to CF those two cards.
  3. Well I meant different versions of the same card, not series I guess. Would there be any advantage to running the Vapor X in the first PCI slot?

    Also, if i do get the second card, what's the update procedure. Do I just plug it in and connect the bridge then turn the computer on. Or do i need to remove the drivers then reinstall them. Seems like people have all kinds of trouble when adding the second card.
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