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Best Motherboard out of These Three

I was about to confirm my order for my mtoherboard when I refresh the page and see that CanadaComputer's added a new motherboard to their list.

Which one will give me the most? Money is not an issue.

Please do not post asking me to upgrade my CPU or why I am getting an LGA775 Board.... This is because I have a IntelCore2Quad 8200 sitting in my closet with nothing to do.

Number 1


Number 2

Number 3
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    They all will work the same, from what I can tell the only differences are the onboard video connectors.

    this one unless you planing on overclocking then go witht he first one cuz its overclock friendly
  3. Hmm I just compared them both to the Asus website and P5G41T-M LX has everything those 3 boards have other than the HDMI.

    I'm going to grab a video card in a month or two which will 100% have a HDMI port since all cards do now days. So I'll go with the LX..

    Thanks guys!
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