Gtx 400 series pricing?

I was curious if any one knew if Nvidia was going to lower the pricing on their 400 series. I mean the new 500s are so much better but the gtx 480 still costs the same or more than a gtx570. When do you guys think the gtx 470 will drop down in price?
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  1. If they were going to, they already did. There's no new competition being developed in that performance range, and companies don't drop prices very far anyway unless they have a lot of stock to get rid of.
  2. Prices have dropped:

    GTX 470- was $350 originally and can be had for about $260ish now online (in the US). That's a pretty significant haircut and makes it a pretty good deal as far as performance/price.

    GTX 480- was $500 originally and can be had for about $400ish now online (in the US). This is also a pretty significant price reduction, but it's still a terrible deal compared to the GTX 570. Even with performance being roughly the same the 570 has none of the baggage that brought the 480 so much flak and is priced about $50 lower. I suspect they're going to have a difficult time selling the remaining stock of 480's at these kind of prices. There are only so many uninformed buyers out there ("ooh more expensive must mean better").

    *Just spotted this on the egg- $340 GTX 480 after rebate. If you really just want the former flagship for some reason, this is probably the lowest you'll find it in the near future.
  3. I'm expecting to see some movement on the pricing for the GTX460's and 470's after January 25th, when the GTX560 is released.
  4. ^ thats what I was thinking. Also ati, i mean amd, still has to release some of its 6000 series I believe? I am just thinking that they will need to lower the price of the gtx 470 if the newly released 560 has higher performance for the same or lower price and is newer to boot. I would prefer to wait till the gtx 470 hits 200$ and ill get 2 of them in sli. The heat and power draw issues dont bother me as much since I have a 1000W psu and will put water blocks on the cards.
  5. ^Very wise, and very sound logic.
  6. Does amd still have some of its 6000 series to release though? I thought they did but I am not sure any more.
  7. preolt said:
    Does amd still have some of its 6000 series to release though? I thought they did but I am not sure any more.

    I would be on the lookout for a very expensive 6990 dual GPU card, and then I saw a mention of a 6770, so most of the new 6000 series will likely be in the budget category.
  8. I would prefer to get 470 quality or higher in my sli system. I have 2 gts right now which are close to the level of the 460s. Maybe if the 560s come out though at a reasonable price ill get 2 of them. Hopefully nvidia follows its pricing trend. (Gtx 580-$500, Gtx 570-$350, Gtx 560-$250? can only hope)
  9. I'm expecting ~$280 for a GTX560, but we will have to wait just a few more days to find out.
  10. I'm more thinking the reason the gtx 470 and 480's aren't exactly in the right price points is since so many poeple bought one they figure they can still sell off thier stock to people looking to sli them.

    as for the earlier mention of the 6770 doubt it will be out for at least another couple months, amd has already said the 5770 will be aroudn for a while , and as it already beats the gts 450 stock there's no reason to replace it until close to the gts 550 release

    there will however be the 6990 here soon another dual gpu undissputed king of the hill, i guess nvidia is ok with thie single chip crown and amd is fine with the dual /overall crown ... thogh there are rumers of a dual card based on the gf104's perhaps its a dual gtx560 card who knows
  11. ^ thats the dual card i saw btu i read somebo0dy sayign dual 460/560 chips ... but dual gf110's thats impressive ... seems like it should have more than 2 gigs of ram though

    wonder how it'll go against the 6990 , i can see the memory being an issue as well as they have to detune those gf110's for heat and power usagei'd imagine
  12. I just purchased a second GTX 470 for $209 after rebate. So yes, the prices already came down. :)

    Now, they'll come down more eventually. Like everything does. But by then, you'll want something much better.
  13. Yeah I am debating on what i want. I am building my new build this weekend and have my parts already just need my gpu. I really dont have a budget to spend more than 400 bones on it though so sadly the gtx 580 is out of the question =(

    I settled on the sli gtx470s because i figured they would be faster then a single 570. But if the new gtx 560 comes out at a price point I can afford then ill spend the extra and sli two of them. Sigh I feel like a child waiting for Christmas..
  14. hmmm i now feel like writeing a 12 days of gtx560 song... but i'll spare you all my terrible song lyricing >_<

    but yea 5 more days mr. preolt, we all just have to be patient till then :D
  15. ^ haha that would be some thing I guess... and I am only 19 so lets save the Mr. Title =p

    As for the gpu lets just say if sandy bridges didnt come with an integrated gpu so that I could start up my new pc then we wouldnt be having this conversation. I would be knocking on Nvidia's CEO doorstep asking for graphics cards
  16. i call everybody mr sire mam things like that, i'm old fasioned ... though not much older 26...a ssumign you think that means ancient though >_< i know i did at 19

    and yea i feel ya, i ran a 8500gt with my athlon IIx4 while waiting for my gtx460 to show up... it was getting low fps on unreat tournament 2004.... medium setting, i feel your pain, i now happily have 2 gts 450's in sli though which play everything in eed it to at good settings :D
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