No Display with new graphics card

I have compaq SG3000 desktop PC
Intel Dual core E4500 process, 1GB RAM, One PCI Express x16,
One PCI Express x1,Two PCI slots, Onboard VGA.
system is working fine with the onboard VGA. i tried to install new graphics card ASUS EAH5450 PCIe 2.0 monitor is blank not able to see any POST screen.
any one please help me to resolve this issue :(

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  1. You have to go into the BIOS and turn on the setting for the GPU, and turn off the onboard graphics. By simply going to the Compaq website and searching "how to upgrade the graphic card" you get these detailed instructions.
  2. Thanks for the reply. i followed the steps as mentioned in ur URL..

    --computer works fine with the onboard VGA card.. after installing the new graphics card i pluged the monitor cable into the new graphics card and swithon the system.... im not able to see anything in the monitor ( on fly i pluged the monitor cable to onboard VGA i can able to see the OS)

    if possible let me know ASUS EAH5450 card is comp. with PCIe X16 slot

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