Quadro nvs 440 or firegl 3350 and 3600


i'd like to get the community's opinion as to which would be a better setup for my quad screen photography/design workstation...i can either go with the quadro nvs 440 or (2) firegl's - 3350 & 3600. any advice would be greatly appreciated. thanks.

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  1. What software applications are you using? Also, what is your budget?
  2. i mostly work with the whole adobe creative suite cs5 and lightroom 3...


  3. Since that is the case, you probably want to go with a Nvidia based solution vice an ATI/AMD solution. CS5 can take advantage of CUDA and can off-load some processing to the GPU. This is especially helpful when rendering large files. ATI/AMD Stream support is forthcoming, but not available at this time.

    This being the case, the Quadro is your best bet. Good luck!
  4. thank you for your advice sir! any suggestions to a high powered free lcd calibration software tool or is this an arena that i would want to pay good money for? thanks again!

  5. I know for about $70US, you can purchase Pantone Huey Pro that provides professional results (gets pretty good reviews).


    If you are a serious photogragher/cinematographer you need good tools. To me (and my film student daughter) this is worth investing a few bucks for.
  6. thank you! you've been very helpful!

  7. ggeorge said:
    thank you! you've been very helpful!


    The pleasure is all mine. Should you have any other questions, come on back to Tom's. This is a great community and it is hard to get better (especially free) advice anywhere on the 'Net. Have fun!
  8. i'll definitely be back! thanks again!

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