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I am planning to purchase the following fan controller panel that fits into 5.25" bays:

As you can see, this controller panel also includes audio ports. However, the case I am getting also has audio ports in the front panel. Therefore, with the controller panel, my pc will have two sets of audio ports in the front. Is it possible to have more than one set of functional audio ports or can there only be one functional set of audio ports at a time?
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  1. Quite obviously the controller has to connect through the motherboard front panel pins to supply the required audio/usb functionality. So unless the motherboard has two such options, it looks like you will have only one set to work with. i.e. either use the case or your controller.
  2. The motherboard I am planing on getting (Asus Rampage III Formula) has 9 pins in HD-audio-compliant pin definition:


    I don't know what these mean. Do the pins above support two sets of speaker/mic audio ports? If so, how would you designate these?
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