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Monitor shows nothing wtf!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Well recently I bought a 9800GT 1GB . Removed old GPU card drivers and the card . Put the new one in then I boot and then nothing . The fan are moving but monitor shows nothing juz black screen and I hear nothing on my speaker . I tried to put my old GPU back but the same thing happens . Did I misswire something or ??????

P/S : I think I did managed to boot the PC normally with the new GPU shortly after putting it in to test it . I try to play some games and guess what , the monitor went crazy ............ it went on and off although the light is green . After it finished it's crazyness the monitor then shows nothing .......... NOTHING (ROARRRRR) . I tried to reboot and same thing happen . All of the fans are spinning . I can't even get to the BIOS or try to run in safe mod coz the monitor shows exactly nothing when I boot it up WTF . Some1 help pls . I think it has something to with the wire .

PSS : I tried the monitor on another PC and it worked fine lol . Maybe this new GPU gave the monitor some crazy drug .

THNX all ____)
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  1. Please list complete system specs, including power supply. Are you sure you connected all the power cables to the new card?
  2. Did you unload old drivers and load new video drivers?
  3. Hello ,

    I solved the issue . It's the GPU card (it's defective lol) . Now I got a GT 430 _) . Thnx for the replies .

    btw : Any suggestions for a GPU card that can handle games nowadays ? I dun want the high-end one . thnx
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    For decent mid-to-high range performance at a good price, I would suggest the GTX460 or the Radeon 6850.
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  6. Thanks man . I ordered GTX 460 .
  7. Cool, I think you'll enjoy it.
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