Ram issue computer wont boot

gtx 580
corsair 800d
2tb hdd
1 dvd drive
4x2gbs of ddr3 1600 gskill ripjaws



Here is the issue I installed new watercooling parts today redid all the blocks blah blah blah, before i did this the mobo had 4x2gbs of ddr3 and it ran fine at 1600mhz,

After installing the waterblocks and so on, the computer failed to boot into windows, so i took out all the ram but one it booted, shut down installed them all no go, put in 2 sticks good to go, 4 sticks will not boot why not?
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  1. Do you have any overclock on that CPU?

    Does the RAM (with all sticks in) boot if you set it to 1333?

    What's your PSU?

    When you do get windows to boot up, are all your temperatures reasonable?
  2. No oc, no, corsair ax 1200, 25c
  3. Newer boards are particularly fussy about how tight a heat sink is. Is it possible you tightened the block a little too much? I had a similar issue with my P6T is why I'm saying this. It only recognized 4gb of ram and wouldn't boot in triple channel no matter what I did. After a ton of angry reading I found a lot of people having memory issues and the tightening thing was one of the fixes.
  4. you mean the water-block on the cpu???
  5. Yes
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