Motherboard for an i5 2500k + SLI GTX 560 ti


I decided to buy a i5 2500k, which I plan to overclock (at around 4.5 ghz), as well as 2 GTX 560 ti (in SLI).

Which motherboard would be the best bang for the buck? Is it necessary to invest in a really expensive mobo, or the cheaper ones can work just as well?

I'm a bit confused, thanks for your help!
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  1. As a general rule, the more expensive board you buy the better the components (voltage regulators/rails) or the quantity of components there are on the board. Generally when you have better components, the better they can take stress (overclocking, extended use). Most of the time the lower end boards (less than $150 in my opinion) can often do the job but sometimes they cannot maximize the potential of the processor, or they have a better chance of failing when overclocked. But that all needs to be taken with a grain of salt. I would recommend a nice Z68 board for your plans. If you don't plan on utilizing the integrated GPU you could probably get away with using a P67 board. Another factor in the price once you get past the $180 mark is all the extras that are included with the board. Like extra lan ports or built in wifi, extra SATA ports, usb headers or additional USB 3.0 yadda yadda yadda. Some of which is not needed, but those boards often have some of the best capacitors or voltage regulators. You just have to do loads of research on whichever you decide to buy. :pt1cable:
  2. Thanks, any model suggestions?
  3. Here are a couple boards but you are going to take a look at them to see which fit your needs. ASRock Z68 Extreme3 and Asus P8Z68-M Pro these are the really low cost boards that stand out at around $125. The MSI Z68A-GD65, Gigabyte GA-Z68XP-UD3P are both very nice boards in the $175 range.
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