XFX 6870 Black Edition or XFX 5870 (standard)

hey there you techies! :bounce:

i'm in the boat to snag myself a sweet GPU...but am in a dillema right now.

I've the option of buying either of the two cards as mentioned in my thread title:

I live in Bangladesh and i'm open to suggestions of which way to go.

Choices are:

6870 BE - TK 24,000
5870 - TK 25,000
6970 - TK 33,000 (though its out of my budget)
and finally GTX 460 - 16,000

Its for rig 1 - member config. Asus Rampage Extreme x48 LGA 775

really looking forward to the replies ASAP - i want to get the card in 24hrs :D :LOL:
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  1. The 5870 offers better performance currently, than the 6870, but uses more power and is not as scalable in crossfire as the 6870. The GTX460 is 1 tier below the 6870, not that much. Anything within 3 tiers would probably not be a noticeable difference.

    Look here:
  2. Thank you for your reply...i snagged the 6870 Black Edition and i'll plan on CF'ing them in the future.

    Furthermore - since the 6800 series is here, i'll have trouble getting warranty in case of manufacturer defect with the 5870 - i had the similar issue with the 4850 512MB card - good card when it came to gaming, but it gave me BSOD's (nearly a year back thas why i swapped it added a lil cash and got the 5770 for Rig:2)
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