Am i taxing my power supply?

corsair 550 watt psu

abit IP35 pro motherboard
Intel core2 quad Q6600
4gb DDR2
SAPPHIRE Radeon HD 3870 512MB video card
dvd/cd combo drive
2 hard drives- 7200 RPM, 1 IDE, 1 SATA
wireless adapter PCI card
24 bit PCI soundcard ( 2 inputs/2outputs for recording)
4 fans

I figured i would just reuse this PSU when it came time to upgrade parts but now im not sure.
Ive been using PSU calculators on the internet, one says this setup has me just under 400W (claims to be calculating under 90% load or something) and another says it should be around 570.
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  1. Hello jbourne84;

    You're well under 400W in actual power usage. Those PSU calculators recommend a 'generic PSU size', not the actual power usage. Your Corsair 550VX has more power than most 600W 'generic PSUs'.
  2. Yeah, you've got some wiggle room with that PSU. A 550W like that could handle a much more recent GPU very easily.
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