I don't get a list for "view available network" (Labtop + Wireless)

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen. I hope you guys are having a nice day.
I brought my lab top to my girlfriend's house to play games with her.
At my place I have wireless cable and when I click on "view available network" I get list of servers (not sure if this really happened but I was using internet through the lab top)
Apparently things were different from my girlfriend's house.
I clicked on "view available network" and I didn't get any list. They have wireless network and 3 computers are sharing connection. I don't know why I don't get any list from this lab top (I made sure network toggle was on)
The lab top is using XP. This lab top is kind of old. But once again I was able to make it work at my place.

What would be the solution..
Please help!
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  1. Could be the wireless mode on their router is the latest and yours is old -- but you should still have detected their wireless signal.

    UNLESS they have turned off SSID broadcast in their router. Yo'll have to get them to hook up to the router using one of their computers and examine the router setup screens. If they just give you blank stares -- see if they can find the manual for the router.
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