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Best Dual processor Server motherboard

i am looking for best dual processor mother board which support minimum of 16GB of ram.

is there any dual processor mother board which is comparatable for intel I7 processors or AMD x6 1100 processors
can we use 2x I7 processors or 2xAMD 6x 1100 processors in dual processor motherboard
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  1. Need a budget for the board, cpus, and ram. You could start out with a single cpu and add a second one later.
  2. hello ,
    by budget is 400$ to 420$ including cpu, motherboard, RAM, HDD cabinet
  3. $400 or $4000 because $400 isn't even enough for the motherboard and one CPU.
  4. is this for a real server or are you trying to build a computer for gaming?
  5. i am looking for server whee i can work on virtulization
  6. $400 will barely build a desktop. For a server, you are looking at least $2,000+.
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    i don't think you could build a server with a budget like that. like was said before you would be lucky if you could get a dual CPU board for $400.00.
  8. Here's an older dual cpu board you can afford: When you have about $1200 saved, get back with us for recommendations.
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