Memory Questions 2133 on Crosshair V 990fx

I just built my first nice system and decided to use g kill ripjaws X ddr3 2133 from new egg... ton of good reviews.. BUT.. SIW is only showing memory running at 1600.. changed this in bios to 2133 no difference... up the voltage from 1.64 to the " stock " settings 1.65 and tried 1.66...still reading 1600... I have a little experience with components but not really with ram... Do i need to adjust the timings and just oc to 2133 speed ? Would appreciate any insight..

Bulldozer FX 8120
8gb G Skill 2133
Asus 990fx Crosshair V mobo
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  1. Your Asus Crosshair V motherboard can only support memory with a speed up to 1600. In order to take advantage of your 2133 speed memory, yes you will need to overclock it.
  2. Ive never overclocked anything before.. but am very interested and will take some time to learn... busy with cs degree right now... ne how... what does oc'ing intail ? and what is the best way to do it
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