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My current rig is now 3 years old and i'm looking to get myself a new GPU. I currently have the 9800GTX+ black edition from XFX. This card is super super oc'd and is a very powerful card but in some games the 512mb of DDR2 memory really lets it down.

I'm not looking on spending big on the 400/500 series but i still want the performance to be better. so if anyone could reccomend me a decent card that isnt going to break the bank it would be much appreciated.


my cpu is a E8400 oc'd to 4Ghz, 4 gig of corsair ram.
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  1. If your budget is less than 200$, I can safely recommend the GTX 460 1GB.
  2. Quote:
    5850 from newegg for 189.99

    He might not like that considering his username. :D
  3. Quote:
    His Fanboy ass should be banned. We have too many of those morons on this forum.

    Well said, and I do agree with you that the HD 5850s are a great deal now.
  4. Wow, there is no need to be abusive. it's just i have had nvidia all my p.c gaming life. i have a great deal of respect for ATI cards.

    My budget would be around £120-£150

  5. You should be able to get a sweet factory overclocked GTX460 with custom cooling in that price range. Check out the MSI Hawk or Gigabyte Superoverclock.
  6. A GTX460 768MB can be got for less than £100 if you shop around and so with the GTX560 releasing next week the price of the 1GB versions may drop too, it's not a guarantee of course but it might be worth waiting 7 to 10 days just to see what happens.
  7. Thanks for all your help guys, much appreciated
  8. im not arsed tbh. as long as i put a smile on a couple of idiots faces then its ok. gl growing up btw.
  9. If you're not planning to run three monitors on a single card, it's a no-brainer to make the case for Nvidia.
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