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I just bought a Radeon HD 5570 ATI graphics card from best buy last night. I carefully removed my Sapphire 2600 xt from my PCI-E slot and inserted my Radeon. Now, when i turn my pc on everything powers up but the pc isnt booting up. I replaced the sapphire back in and boom, everything is working as normal. But when i put the new card in it does the same thing again. I searched the net for hours trying this and trying that. Finally I said screw it and called the Geek Squad. They said my graphics card might not be getting the power it needs, he said it requires 400W. Yet, my power supply is 550w so still i do not understand. I'm close to bringing it to best buy and paying the $50 to have them "Take a look" at it. But id rather figure it out myself (with help of course) so I'll have the knowledge upgrade in the future. Help me please
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  1. What Brand & Model are on your power supply?

    Generally speaking, it would sound like the video card you purchased could just be defective. Unfortunately it does happen some times. But we can certainly do a little troubleshooting to make sure you don't have another incompatibility going on. :)

    Is your computer custom built or did you purchase it "in a box"? If it's a pre-made system, can you provide us with the Brand and Model for that too?

    Is this the video card you bought?
    XFX ATI 5570 $119
  2. Ok so start by putting the 2600 back in and then download the latest drivers for the 5570 from the AMD website Save them on the Desktop as its easiest.

    Then you need to uninstall the drivers for the 2600, there is usually a Uninstaller in the driver folder. Power down the PC and remove the 2600. Replace it with the 5570 and reboot the PC. You should get it to start up fine without drivers. When you are logged in and at desktop open the drivers, double click or right click and select open. Follow the on screen prompts and you should then have a fully working 5570.

    Mactronix :)
  3. If I understood the OP right the PC doesn't actually boot up. You think this is a driver problem? They didn't specifically say it, but I'm assuming there's no POST screen or anything.
  4. Ya, theres no post screens. I plug the PC in and turn it on...all the lights come on inside the case-indicating everything has power. Graphics card fan is spinning. All other fans are spinning. Mother board lights are on. I don't get the initial beeps that usually go off when i turn it on. Monitor stays blank. The monitor doesn't detect its hooked up to come out of sleep mode. I'll post my power supply brand and model when I return home. I'm working for another 4 hours atm. Trying to get the info together so i can do as many things to correct it as i can before my 7 o'clock dinner with the in laws :( But I do appreciate the response time you have. TY
  5. So far it sounds like either the video card is defective, isn't compatible with your motherboard, or isn't getting enough power. I don't believe the ATI 5570's require a PCI-E 6pin power connector. Most images I'm seeing of the 5570's do not show that they have one. So that shouldn't be your issue.
  6. By the way, should you determine that you need to return your ATI 5570 to Best Buy...

    XFX ATI 5570 $79.99 + Free Shipping @
  7. I might have to do that. I noticed that one is DDr2, Mine is DDr3. not sure what the difference is. I do not know what my power supply is yet, but im headed home soon. I do however know that my Motherboard (a friend was telling me there might be conflict between the radeon ati and my mother board) my motherboard is Abit-KN8 SLI. If that helps any
  8. If your motherboard has an older PCI-E x16 1.0 slot it may not be working with the newer PCI-E 2.1 video card (this can happen with some 5xxx ATI cards). You might check to see if there is a BIOS update for your motherboard that might resolve this issue.

    The Abit website has this as the latest BIOS:
    BIOS ID:19 [5/30/2006]

    So the last BIOS for that KN8 SLI board was # 19. You can see what version yours is. Based on the little bit of info on their support page, it doesn't appear they specifically mention PCI-E compatibility as any of the BIOS improvements.

    As far as the DDR2 vs DDR3 thing goes. The newer DDR3 is faster, however with this particular video card the difference in DDR2 and DDR3 is probably fairly minimal to be honest. I wouldn't worry about that too much.

    If you're worried at all though, here's the DDR3 version. Same price, but you pay for shipping. Still cheaper than Best Buy by a long shot though. :)

    XFX ATI 5570 DDR3 $79.99 + $7 Shipping
  9. I did more research. My power supply is Rosewill. Model number is AP-600F12V. It should be enough to run this graphics card. I think however the problem really is my motherboard. My pci e card in there now is like you said, 1.0. I Down Loaded the Bios update u recommend. When I opened it to extract it only opened another window with other things to open. I did RUN on the batch file. A black window pops open momentarily but not long enough to see what its for.

    I think i will return the graphics card if i cannot get it to work. And buy a motherboard/quad core combo and repurchase the graphics card at a later date from NewEgg
  10. If you're looking to buy a new Motherboard & CPU, make sure you do a little research there. You'll be making a pretty significant performance jump.

    And ultimately, you may want an even better video card for gaming purposes (if that's what your intention is). The ATI 5570 would be suitable for your older socket 939 system, but would be a fairly lower end card for a modern Quad Core based system. Ultimately it depends on what resolution your monitor is, and what games you intend to play. :)
  11. ya ive been playing this aion game. it requires alot and with my vista OS it runs like garbage unfortunately. with this whole ordeal with the graphics card not working has kinda put a damper on my interest in gaming for the moment. I'll do some research and see what is what. Thanks for the help on trying to get this figured out for me. I really appreciate it
  12. Not a problem. :) Good luck to ya! Hope things can get going for you again soon!
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